A Modern Masterpiece Honors the Classics

The Museo Internacional Barocco in Puebla, Mexico opened in 2016 to much acclaim. Designed by Toyo Ito, its sleek lines compliment, complement and contrast with the sleek lines of the art contained within.

The Entrance of the Museum

The Museum’s location in the affluent neighborhood of Angelopolis at some distance from the historic center of Puebla is the only reason the Museum is not better attended. Indeed, the Museum Restaurant has enjoyed high marks but a recent change in management may or may not augur an improvement: Only time will tell. For the meantime, only light foods and sandwiches are on offer.

The “cafeteria” pending restaurant re-opening.

Seven generously arranged galleries offer an interactive, multi-media tour of difference facets of Baroque art and culture including, fashion, theatre, music and literature. Appropriately, the first gallery uses a large-scale model of Puebla’s baroque center to highlight the architectural aspects of Baroque design.

A small portion of the City model centered on the Zocalo and Cathedral from the south.

This same gallery emphasizes the Baroque in Puebla which includes significant works related to Bishop Palafox, an important patron of the arts in XVIIth century Puebla.

Portrait of Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza

The gallery dedicated to science even includes a “case of curiosities”.

It is located on the Boulevard Municipio Libre, next to the Ecoparque Metropolitano.

Puebla’s Ecoparque Metropolitano

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