Freising and Surroundings

Freising, just northeast of Munich (near the airport), is also on the Isar. North of Munich the Isartal is much less dramatic than it is to the south, although it still follows a leg of the Jakobsweg.

At Marzling the route heads inland past recently plowed farmland and small villages.

After Altenhausen the route heads through managed forests to the Wies pilgrimage church, also from the early 18th century.

The route finishes after 10 miles with a walk down into Freising and up along the embankment past the Weihenstephen campus of TUM to Weihanstephen, “the oldest brewery in the world” (founded by Benedictine monks in the 12th century).

After rahmschwammerl (a porcini mushroom cream with dumplings) and a sampling of beer, a quick walk through Freising itself, home to the Domberg.

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