It Should Have Been a Walk in the Park

The Isartal south of Munich is mostly a wildlife preserve (Naturschutzgebiet) with well-developed trails along both banks of the Isar. A walk from Schäftlarn to Wolfratshausen looked to be in the cards.

High waters from recent snowmelt were not enough to flood the banks of the Isar. Early signs of Spring on the last days of winter.

Start at Schäftlarn Abbey, a working Benedictine monastery founded in the 8th century but redone in Bavarian baroque.

High winds over the past few days made for a lot of damage, slow going and numerous detours


So instead of walking into Wolfratshausen for my reward at a local wirtshaus, I finished at the Ickinger Wehr (dam).

Published by Rambling Laywer

Trying to spend more time seeing the world at a walking pace.

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