A Day in Cardiff

Some time to explore Cardiff in anticipation of Offa's Dyke. A visit to Llandaff Cathedral, unfortunately damaged during World War II, a visit to the National Museum Of Welsh Life at St. Fagan finished with a visit to Cardiff Castle. All very busy in view of the upcoming Easter weekend and associated school breaks. The [...]

Freising and Surroundings

Freising, just northeast of Munich (near the airport), is also on the Isar. North of Munich the Isartal is much less dramatic than it is to the south, although it still follows a leg of the Jakobsweg. At Marzling the route heads inland past recently plowed farmland and small villages. After Altenhausen the route heads [...]

Byzantine Mosaics

One of the reasons Thessaloniki was on my radar was its reported importance as a repository for Byzantine art - exceeding even Istanbul in importance. Although the frescoes in many churches were damaged by plastering over during their conversion to mosques, mosaics were uncovered and their condition was, if anything, improved by centuries of protection [...]