Peak Tides and Peak Bluebells

Being familiar with the Bay Of Fundy, you’d think inland estuaries would not impress, but the Severn and its tributaries, like the Wye, still do. Miles inland, most of the morning, the river was flowing inland and maybe it’s spring levels or maybe the full moon but water levels were quite high. Some walking routes were inaccessible.

Its also peak bluebell season with forest floors covered for a breathtaking show.

Even managed to see some purple orchids

But in spite of all this, it was views of the Wye from along the Dyke that made the biggest impression. First looking down on Redbrook from Highbury Forest.

And, second, looking down on Monmouth, biggest town I’ll see until I fly out from Manchester (with Snowdon – the triangle – in the distance) from the Kymin.

Monmouth itself includes an impressive Georgian shire hall and medieval bridge with intact gate house.

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