Secret Stairs 4: Mount Washington

Not the one in New Hampshire, though, in parts, you might think otherwise.

This route starts on Figueroa, near the Southwest Museum stop on the Gold Line and quickly heads up Avenue 43 and Canyon Vista, following the route of an old funicular railway up to the Mount Washington Hotel, now Self-Realization Fellowship Park.

Near the summit you begin the appreciate the improbable 360 degree views from the top of the old hotel. Downtown barely visible Through the haze, looking east across Mt. Washington Street and Dodger Stadium.

As elsewhere an eclectic mix of older cottages, large homes and newer construction, with lots of cactus, euphorbia and other drought resistant planting.

Some further Stairs, both up and down, bring you back to Marmion Way near the Southwest Museum. A walk just shy of 3 miles with a 500 foot gain.

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Trying to spend more time seeing the world at a walking pace.

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