Starting Over With the Not-So-Secret Stairs Of Los Angeles

Having enjoyed the walk through Los Feliz, decided to start at the beginning. Fortunately the walks in Charles Fleming’s Secret Stairs ( go from east to west, so the first walks start nearby.

The first walk is through the hilly area of Pasadena east of Figueroa and south of the 134 Freeway. You start in Los Angeles but quickly enter a woody area of Pasadena: on windy days no street parking!

Although the Freeway is audible for much of the walk, you are also rewarded with views north, west and east.

A mix of modern and traditional homes with nice landscaping on this short two mile walk with about 400 foot elevation gain.

The second walk is an adjacent area of Eagle Rock on the west side of Figueroa. You start on Colorado and quickly walk up into the hills south of Colorado with its eclectic mix of old (1920s) cottages and modern mini-mansions.

The highlight of this short walk of 3 miles with a 375 foot gain, though, are the highly decorated stairs next to Rockdale Elementary and the “Tai Chi” steps off Figueroa.

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