Byzantine Mosaics

One of the reasons Thessaloniki was on my radar was its reported importance as a repository for Byzantine art – exceeding even Istanbul in importance. Although the frescoes in many churches were damaged by plastering over during their conversion to mosques, mosaics were uncovered and their condition was, if anything, improved by centuries of protection […]

Ottoman Thessaloniki

Little evidence of the five-hundred year Ottoman legacy remains. There are two hamams, the Yehudi Hamam near the central marketplace and the Hamam Bey by Aristotle Square. The Hamza Bey Mosque is undergoing renovations as it will be converted into a museum for artifacts uncovered during construction of the new subway line under the Egnatia […]

Upcoming Itinerary

Later this month we leave for Munich. After some time to acclimatize we will head to Greece for a trip through Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia. Byzantine art and architecture, the classical and Jewish heritage of these regions are among the motivating purposes for this part of the trip. See you soon.